Current Status: Deceased
Gender: Male   Male
Race: Nephilim
Died: 2005
Abilities: *Invisibility
Affiliation: Azazeal
First Appearance: Spiral
Last Appearance: Spiral
Cause: Killed by Ella Dee
Portrayed by: Alan Ruscoe
Araquiel is a Nephilim thought to be a seraph, but was revealed by Cassie that it was infact just a Nephilim.

Series twoEdit

Araquiel attacks Ella, and she believes it's a seraph, a demon who eats souls. She uses Leon (who is a virgin) as bait to luer Araquiel so she can kill him. Instead of Araquiel attacking Leon, it attacks Ella, who doesn't seem him crawl up behind her. She manages to fight it off before Thelma arrives and gives Ella a rod that emmits a high voltage electric energy. She uses the rod to kill Araquiel.

Powers and abilitiesEdit

Araquiel has shown an invisibility power, as well as enhanced agility and strength. Becaue it could see Thelma, it's pressumed that he has a mediumship power as well. When Ella first encountered him, he started a fire in the tree, showing that he had a pyrokinetic ability as well.

  • Pyrokinesis: The ability to start fires with one's mind.
  • Invisibility: The ability to become transparent and unseen by anyone.
  • Enhanced agility
  • Enhanced strength
  • Immortality (possibly)