"I love a the concept an really detailed. Wonderful excused ."
— Ben for Cassie's work

Ben Halliday
Ben Halliday
Gender: Male   Male
Race: Human
Affiliation: Mendenham
Occupation: Professor
First Appearance: The Story Begins, Part I
Last Appearance: Life Goes On
Portrayed by: Theo Fraser Steele

Ben Halliday is the art professor at Mendenham.

Character BiographyEdit

Ben is first seen critizing a piece of Roxanne's art about sexual frustration. He then asks Cassie to show the class her piece, which he seems to like. He becomes annoyed when Leon begins making comments on how Cassie's painting is about her desperation to have sex.

He is later seen breaking off a relationship with Roxanne. His breaking off the relationship would be passed off as PMS when Roxanne spots Cassie watching the exchange.


Ben Halliday has appeared in a total of 3 episodes.

Series 1
The Story Begins, Part I
The Story Begins, Part II
Life Goes On

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