David Tyrel
Gender: Male   Male
Race: Human
Title: Headmaster
Occupation: Professor
First Appearance: The Story Begins, Part I
Cause: run out of school
Portrayed by: Colin Salmon

David Tyrel (Colin Salmon) is the Headmaster of Medanham Hall and regularly interacts with the student body. He is also aware of the school grounds' gruesome past.

Character BiographyEdit

David Tyrel is the well-liked dean at Medenham Hall whose uncanny knack for getting people to open up to him allows him to keep a close and caring eye on Cassie. A man of endless charm with a great sense of humor, David’s broad mind and open heart make it easy for students and staff alike to warm up to him. With these endearing qualities, drawing Cassie near to him, David is an endless source of valuable information and advice, not to mention a man of disarmingly good looks!He is Professor in Mendenham . He sees that it is very good and tolerant man. He was Cassie Hughes asked who Rachel McBain, he told her everything ... It was after the Thelma Bates death, said to Cassie as the sale or perhaps as a girl. He appears in many parts of the Hex series.On the first season I have seen many times with Jo. But when she met Azazeal, Jo told David that he was stupid and trying to enjoy it. When Jo effectively disappears, David Tyrel asks Jez to take her classes as well.Jo Watkins, Cassie's former teacher and Azazeal's former lover, returns as Malachi's new emissary from the "higher powers" and restores her position as headmistress by framing David Tyrel for embezzlement of school funds.

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