Esther McBain
Gender: Female   Female
Race: Witch
Born: 1746
Died: 1762
Family: Thomas McBain (father)
Rachel McBain (mother)
James McBain (descendant)
Cassie Hughes (descendant)
Malachi (descendant)
First Appearance: Life Goes On
Last Appearance: Spiral
Cause: hanged on a tree by villagers
Portrayed by: Holly Lumsden

"I keep seeing Esther."
Cassie Hughes

Esther McBain is the daugther of the first lady of Mendenham and the second generation of the Mendenham Witches.

Character BiographyEdit

Esther McBain is the daughter of Thomas McBain,who was a master of the Mendenham Estate and the first mistress Rachel McBain.She appeared as the ghost possessed by Azazeal,in the encounter she drowning Cassie but she manages to escape her.From then she only appears in Cassie's dreams,where she hung from a tree with ragged and bloody fingers and bloody eyes(possessed by Azazeal).According to David Tyrel,girl nothing older then Cassie was hanged by the villagers,because she dared to kill her lover.Cassie and Thelma later go to that tree and digging up the earth,they find her grave.


Esther the average height,pale skin with blond hair and long white dresses.


  • Esther was born in 1746 years,the same year when her mother died.
  • There is confusion who was the father of Ester,her surname is McBain which means that she is the daughter of Rachel's husband but Rachel had a lover that is displayed for the time Voodoo rituals.

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