Current Status: Desceased
Gender: Male
Race: Spirit
Abilities: Dream manipulation
First Appearance: The Story Begins, Part 2
Last Appearance: The Showdown
Cause: Series end
Ghosts were once people, but have died and are now spirits. Ghosts can remain on earth, but are invisible to mere mortals, however, a ghost can choose to move on to the spirit world, but may never return to earth once crossed over.

Powers and abilitiesEdit

  • Invisibility: Ghosts are invisible to mere mortals. Ella Dee once gave Roxanne Davenport and Leon Taylor a potion that allowed them to see ghosts like Thelma Bates.
  • Dream manipulation: Ghosts can enter and alter the dreams of living humans. Thelma did this to give Cassie a dream of her and Cassie kissing on the bed.
  • Time travel: Thelma was able to travel back in time.


  • It's unknown if a witch who became a ghost is still capable of his or her powers.
  • Ghosts can touch physical objects like open doors and pick things up. Thelma has also been spoted many times eating.
  • Ghosts cannot gain weight.
  • Ghosts can be stabbed.
  • Witches can see ghosts.
  • Humans and ghosts cannot touch.
  • Ghosts and othe ghosts can make physical contact.

Known ghostsEdit

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