James McBain
Jn 001
Gender: Male   Male
Race: Human or Witch
Family: Thomas McBain (ancestor)
Rachel McBain (ancestor)
Esther McBain (ancestor)
Lilith Hughes (ex-romance)
Cassie Hughes (daugther)
Malachi (grandson)
First Appearance: Possession
Last Appearance: Possession
Portrayed by: N/A

"You've had a rough deal Cassie McBain. Your dad's disappeared, your mother's a nutter."
Thelma to Cassie

James McBain is decendent of McBain family,father of Cassie Hughes and grandfather of Malachi.

Character BiographyEdit

James is direct decendent of Thomas and Rachel,but it is unknown whether he was witch or human.It could have been with Lilith Hughes or divorced were only about.Cassie never met her father. Was first appointed when told Jo Watkins and Colin Salmon,Colin when asked for Jo"and her father," and Jo said, "Cassie had never met him".A second time was when Cassie,Thelma went to Troy looked Cassie dossier which was his signature James Mcbain.