Jez Hariot
Gender: Male   Male
Race: Fallen Angels (Nephilim)
Alias: Jez Hariot(in human world(disguise professor)
Ramiel(his real name)
Abilities: Like others Nephilim
Affiliation: Azazeal
Occupation: Disguise professor
Cause: Hanged by Ella Dee
Portrayed by: Template:Sam Troughton

Jez Heriot better known as Ramiel (his real name),who is appears in Season Two Hex serie. He was an ally Azazeal and he was sent to Medenham to destroy Ella Dee.

Season TwoEdit

He came to school pretending that he is professor. Everyone expect Roxanne Davenport know that he is priest. He was in relationship with Roxanne Davenport. Later Thelma Bates was recording lovemaking of them and later that video is seen by everyone in school. xD ... That video is saw director of school David Tyrel and he was shocked! :-D ... In church he was hanged by Ella Dee..

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