Lilith Hughes
Lilith Hughes appearance
Current Status: Alive
Gender: Female   Female
Race: Human
Family: James McBain (ex-romance)
Cassie Hughes (daughter)
Malachi (grandson)
Occupation: Patient
First Appearance: Deeper Into The Darkness
Last Appearance: Possession
Portrayed by: Geraldine James

"Will you come again"
— Lilith.

Lilith Hughes is mentally unstable mother of Cassie Hughes,as well grandmother of Malachi.

Cassie, who raised herself in a single-parent household caring for her mentally unstable mother, has latent telekinetic, pyrokinetic and clairvoyant abilities that are awakened when she touches an antique vase that had been used in Voodoorituals by the Medenham Witches.It was in the past had a connection with Azazeal which may have contributed to her mental illness.

Relationships Edit

Cassie HughesEdit

She had been raising her daughter. She was mentally stable until she was sent to the dauther on Mendenham.It can be seen that it was not a good mother, in the words of Cassie.She knew that Cassie is a witch, and it was one of the reasons Cassie sent there.He was eventually revealed that her daughter still loves despite everything because Azazeal begged not to hurt her.


She gave Cassie necklace, which she said Azazeal to make it easier to de able to enchant and to become pregnant. It shows some fear and begged him not to hurt Cassie because she is her only child. They are possibly more famous because of his youth Azazeal it brought to her metallic disordered state.