The Medenham Witches are a long chain of witches starting with Rachel McBain. Esther was the second, then many other generations went by until it came to James McBain, then Cassie, then Malachi. It all started when Rachel became interested in the Africal religion of voodoo after seeing a Medenham slave do a ritual by cuting of a chickens head over the Canari. People began to believe that Rachel was a witch after they found a maid of hers killed in the lake, it was said she was sacrificed by Rachel in order to summon someone.

Medenham ChainEdit

Rachel McBain (witch) - Thomas McBain(mortal)

          Esther McBain(witch)

Many other generations went by......

James McBain(witch) - Lilith Hughes(mortal)

Cassie Hughes(witch) - Azezeal(fallen angel)

               Malachi(fallen angel)