The Nephilim is a large group of angels (specifically 200) who were expelled from paradise because they enyoued the mortal men. They take human souls in order to strengthen (e.g. Azazeal sacrificed Thelma Bates, which made him stronger). All 200 Nephilim were freed after the birth of Azazeal's child Malachi. Azazeal assigned several archangels to defend Cassie Hughes, because she was the mother of Malachi.

Azazeal is the leader of the Nephilim.

Ella Dee, a 500-year-old witch, was assinged immortality as an Anointed One to keep Azazeal from having a child to release the Nephilim. She was too late at one time, which is how he got Cassie pregnant and released the Nephilim army. Now that the Nephilim is released, Ella uses her fighting skills to kill fallen angels.

Known members Edit

  • Azazeal (leader)
  • Araquiel
  • Baraquel
  • Sariel
  • Raphael
  • Mephistopheles
  • Ramiel

Powers and abilitiesEdit

Most of the Nephilim seen are extremely agile and strong in their "demonic" form. Araquiel has exhibited the power of invisibility, which lead Ella to believe he was a seraph. Baraquel was seen jumping at amazing lengths.

  • Enhanced strength
  • Enhanced agility
  • Invisibility (Araquiel)
  • Pyrokinesis (Araquiel)


  • Fallen Angel/Witches: Malachi is the only known being that was born of a Fallen Angel (Azazeal) and a witch (Cassie Hughes).