Peggy Langston
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Gender: Female   Female
Race: Ghost
Died: 1923
Family: Unnamed father
Occupation: Astrologer
First Appearance: Deeper Into The Darkness
Last Appearance: Possession
Cause: 1918 ingluenza pandemic
Portrayed by: Katy Carmichael

"I died here in 1923. I'd like to say my husband caught me with the scullery maid, but actually it was the flu.How about you?"
Peggy to Thelma

Peggy Langston(known as Peggy) is an astrologer and sometime safe women's rights.Peggy was the ghost women,who died in the 1918 influenza pandemic.

Character BiographyEdit

Peggy's father was possession the Mendenham.Peggy appears and starts to hang out to Thelma. One proučuju stone on which is engraved with name ,,Azazeal,, the letter has not yet been deciphered decipher a bit later when they learn that in ancient Egypt, Pharaoh's daughter became pregnant with Azazeal Egyptians were expelled and it was buried alive in the country.Thelma learns from Peggy, the ghost of a woman who died in the 1918 influenza pandemic, that the gestation of Azazeal's child is weakening the veil between worlds, allowing more ghosts to appear to the living. If the child is born, the veil will be torn, allowing the rest of the Nephilim to enter our world. If the pregnancy is terminated, the veil will heal, preventing the Nephilim from returning and leaving Azazeal the only one of his kind in our world. But there is a side effect: ghosts will also vanish from this world.