Held By: Ella Dee,
Cassie Hughes
Ability to: move objects with the mind

Telekinesis is the ability to move objects with one's mind. The most common (and pressumably the only) users of this power are witches. Cassie Hughes is the first character to demonstrate this ability. Ella Dee is also a user.


  • Cassie Hughes used this ability unintentionally when she almost knocked over a mug that Thelma made for her and caused it to suspend in mid air.
  • Ella Dee used this ability to capture Baraquel with a string of lights and electrocute him.
  • Malachi used this ability as an infant when the levitated a milk carten.

Known UsersEdit


Ella DeeEdit

Ella's ability to use her telekinesis is very advanced. She has had about 500 years to practice and can effortlessly use her mind.

Cassie HughesEdit

Cassie's use of this ability is more centered around her stress level, and thus she has limited control of her ability. with her mind.

See AlsoEdit

Abilities edit

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