The Release

Episode No.   Series
6 1x06 One
Original Broadcast Date 14 November 2004
Written by Julian Jones & Lucy Watkins
Directed by Brian Grant
Chronological Information
Preceded by Possession
Followed by Cursed

The Release is the 6th episode of the first series and the 6th episode overall. It aired on 14 November 2004 on Sky1.


Azazeal does everything in his power to keep Cassie from getting an abortion, determined to see his child come into the world.

International air datesEdit

  • USA (BBC America) 6 July 2006
  • NL (RTL 5) 4 March 2010

Featured musicEdit

  • Blur - Sweet Song


  • This episode marks Troy's last appearance.



  • Jemima Rooper as Thelma Bates
  • Christina Cole as Cassie Hughes
  • Michael Fassbender as Azazeal
  • Anna Wilson-Jones as Jo Watkins
  • Colin Salmon as David Tyrel
  • Joseph Morgan as Troy
  • Jamie Davis as Leon Taylor
  • Amber Sainsbury as Roxanne Davenport
  • Zoe Tapper as Gemma


  • Grant Parsons as Dr. Surtees (recurring)

Guest starringEdit

  • Roger Barclay as Young Preist
  • Amy Stacy as Nurse Megan

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