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New episode checklist Edit

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Episode UpdatesEdit

Episode article:
_X_ Episode screencap
_X_ Summary
_X_ Guest Cast

Character UpdatesEdit

Update Main Character pages :
___ Cassie
___ Thelma
___ Azazeal
___ Leon
___ Roxanne
_X_ Troy
_X_ Gemma
___ David
___ Jo

Character/Reference/Abilites UpdatesEdit

Update other character pages as needed:
_X_ Rachel McBain
_X_ Thomas McBain

Add new character pages as needed:
_X_ Ben Halliday
_X_ Mr. Fraiman
_X_ Voodoo Priest
_X_ Mendenham Maid

Add new actor pages as needed:
_X_ Theo Fraser Steele
_X_ Ram John Holder
_X_ Stephen Yardly

Add references to appropriate recurring concepts:
_X_ Witches
_X_ McBain Witches
_X_ Sacrifice
_X_ Fallen Angels
_X_ Voodoo

Add pages for new abilities used:
_X_ Telekinesis
_X_ Clairvoyance
_X_ Immortality

Miscellaneous UpdatesEdit

Events/Items/ etc.
_X_ Canari
_X_ Necklace

_X_ Mendenham
_X_ Cassie and Thelma's Dorm
_X_ Slave Quarters
_X_ Jo's Class
_X_ David's Office
_X_ Art Class
_X_ Club

_X_ Update Timeline
_X_ Update Series Timeline

Update templates as needed
_X_ Template: CharacterNav
_X_ Template: CastNav

New ImagesEdit

Get screencaps:
_X_ [[Image:S01E01.jpg]]

New characters:
_X_ [[Image:Ben Halliday.jpg]]
_X_ [[Image:Thomas McBain.jpg]]
_X_ [[Image:Voodoo Priest.jpg]]
_X_ [[Image:Mendenham Maid.jpg]]

New groups:
___ (list new groups)

New Events/Items/ etc.
_X_ [[Image:Canari.jpg]]
_X_ [[Image:Necklace.jpg]]

New locations:
_X_ [[Image:Mendenham.jpg]]
___ [[Image:Cassie and Thelma's Dorm.jpg]]
_X_ [[Image:Slave Quarters.jpg]]
_X_ [[Image:Jo's Classroom.jpg]]
___ [[Image:Art Class.jpg]]
___ [[Image:David's Office.jpg]]
___ [[Image:Club.jpg]]

All abilites used:
_X_ [[Image:Telekinesis.jpg]]
_X_ [[Image:Clairvoyance.jpg]]
_X_ [[Image:Immortality.jpg]]

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