"Over time, Rachel began to go insane. Her husband, Thomas, stayed with her until the very end." -David Tyler said Cassie

Thomas McBain
Thomas McBain
Gender: Male   Male
Race: Human
Family: Rachel McBain (wife);
Esther McBain (daughter)
James McBain (descendant)
Cassie Hughes (descendant)
Malachi (descendant)
Title: Master
First Appearance: The Story Begins, Part I
Last Appearance: The Story Begins, Part I
Portrayed by: Stephen Yardley

Thomas McBain was the husband of Rachel McBain and master of the Mendenham Estate.

Character BiographyEdit

Thomas McBain is a rich man who makes his money from slave trading. When his wife, Rachel began going insane, he spent a vaste amount of his fortune trying to make her well again. He is shown to have truly loved Rachel as he stayed with her until she died.


Thomas McBain has appeared in a total of 1 episode(s).

Series One
The Story Begins, Part I

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